1/ *New* Future Fees by Temp Starter Type

In the Future Fees dashboard, we’ve added a new filter: “Temp Starter Type”. This allows you to break down fees by placement type for even more detailed reporting.

To sort this data, select from the Temp Starter Type filter on the right side of the Future Fees dashboard.

a. New Starters (Temp)

  • Displays number of starters and fees generated from their first contracts.

b. Renewal-New

  • Displays number of renewals and fees generated from their contracts.

You can also apply the Starter Type filter to all reports under the Future Fee Data tab:

  • Future Fee Data

  • Unit Fee Data

  • Unit Fee Data by Consultant

2/ *New* Variance Columns

To enhance Future Fees dashboard reporting, we added the Variance columns to the Expected variances (Temps/Contractors) table.

Variance immediately shows the difference between the number of starters and finishers in the selected timeframe, plus the difference between their fees.

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