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Breakdown of all the data points

Please find below appendices for the VOL.3 AI COACH eBook. The below will provide the visual references for the data source tables:

AI Coach Overview

The AI Coach utilizes Machine Learning on data collected from your usage of Vincere over the last 12 months to automatically generate goals and ratios. The algorithm works out the average placements fee, then how many placements are needed to hit the revenue target, then how many calls, meetings, CVs sent, jobs and interviews are needed to make placements. This data is refreshed every three hours, so it is constantly updating the targets as you use Vincere.

Importantly, you will no longer have to explain to consultants why they need to hit goals as these numbers are generated based on THEIR activity. To argue about these goals would mean arguing with themselves... management just became a whole lot simpler.

1.AI Coach

You can find the intelligence visual references below:

To activate your AI Coach, all you need to do is configure your revenue (42-44) goals in ‘Goal Console’. Once this is completed, Vincere will do the rest.

Visual Reference for setting goals:

This article shows you where each data point is pulled from.

Actual fee is pulled from Profit Split minus Cost of Sale:

Contact activity Information:

Candidate activity information:

2. Applications by Stage

Application by stage shows us a complete breakdown of the ATS pipeline numbers, influenced by the filtered on the right hand side. If you’re looking to get complete visibility on volume of candidates at each pipeline stage, broken down per month, you’re in the right place

Below you will find the intelligence visual references for the Applications by Stage Dashboard.

To calculate the time between stages, as well as the volume of candidates in each stage, Vincere uses the following data sources from your application pipeline.

3. Ratios & Splits

The User Engagement and Application by Stage dashboards are used to determine these ratios.

Ratios and Split Visual References:

Data sources form Ratios & Splits.

Contact Calls & Contact Meetings to Jobs:

Job Leads to Jobs:

Application stage ratios:

% of returning Clients:

Breakdown by Consultant:

Breakdown by Team and Location:

Breakdown by Source:

Job Type:

Any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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