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Report v36 October '21 Release | Vincere Intelligence
Report v36 October '21 Release | Vincere Intelligence

Updates for Data Integrity and the Booked Fees dashboards 🎃

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1/ Data Integrity | Removed date filter

We have removed the date filter in the Duplicate Candidates and Contacts reports. This allows you to view all duplicate records from anywhere in your Vinny database.



2/ Data Integrity | New filter: Duplication Metrics

We’ve added a new filter to Data Integrity: Duplication Metrics.

This allows you to choose how to search and identify duplicate Candidates and Contacts across your whole database. You can now search for dupe records by email address, full name, or job title.

3/ Booked Fees | Display home currency conversion for Retained jobs

You can now set your own home currency conversion rate for Retained jobs.

The home currency conversion set for Retained jobs will now be shown in the Booked Fees dashboard when filtering “Currency By” to “Home Currency.”

To set the home currency conversion rate for a Retained job, go to the Invoice details for a Retained job and enter the conversion there.

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