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smartAI Integration for Vincere
smartAI Integration for Vincere

What is smart AI, how to get started and where to go for support with the smartAI integration

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What is smartAI?

smartAI leverages the power of conversational AI chatbots, automation and deep API integrations to augment your recruitment agency. This technology helps agencies add scale and speed to their hiring processes, keep their talent pool updated and engaged, and trigger automated multi-step workflows at the click of a mouse.

How does the integration work?

Once you have signed up and have your smartAI portal access by contacting the team at, their team will help. Depending on what module you will be using (smartAI Engage or Reconnect), smartAI’s team of experts will work with you to set it all up. It usually takes 24 hours to have everything set up unless you requested to build a custom chat profile. Having custom chat profiles may need 3 to 4 days to set up.

How can customers get started with smartAI?

The easiest thing will be to get in touch at and request a demo. Their team will ensure to cover the right module to solve the problems for your business.

Details for support

smartAI’s support team is located in Melbourne, Australia and can be reached at They also provide phone support.

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