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Candidate Availability

All you need to know about Availability

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1. Requesting Availability:

Select the Candidate from the list, go to Actions and select Request availability:

Bulk requesting availability is possible as well:

This will open a new email window. Select the template you want to use, and send to the candidate(s).

2. How to Set Availability:

Once the candidate receives the email and clicks on the “My Availability” button, the link it will take him/her to the screen where they can set their Time Zone

Here, they just need to select the Timezone and click Save to set the availability

Workers can create multiple time slots per day to specify exactly which shifts they're available to work.

When your candidate fills in their availability, or you do it for them inside Vincere, they will have the option to add multiple slots - perfect for shift workers.

We also have a repeat option for Mon- Fri enabled by default, and the repeat end date shows a date 3 months after start date at default.

Candidates can also click here to set a reminder every 1, 7, 14 or 28 days to update their availability:

Note: A recruiter can manually set/change availability by going into the candidate profile under availability as well:

3. Edit Availability

Once availability for a candidate has been created, you can go in and edit under the candidate profile if need be.

4. Configure Columns for Availability

To check which candidates are available you can add the following columns in the Candidate Table View:

  • Next Avail. Date

  • Avail. This week

  • Avail. Next week

This will show you the availability date of all your candidates and have multiple levels of filtering capability

Check the Smart view configured by us to help you view your candidates availability easily when opening your candidate table view!

🔥PRO TIP: Want to bulk update a group of candidates that currently have unknown availability? No problem! Filter their availability to unknown and send out a bulk request!

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