We’ve added a shiny new “Experience” tab in the Quick View, where you can see everything you need to know about your Candidate, and even perform actions easily - all from one place. Easy to scan, easily actionable.

Candidate Brief, Work History and Education

The Candidate Brief, Work History, and Education will all pull through from the parsed Latest CV, or the Work History and Education in LinkedIn if using Velocity.

You can add or update Work History & Education info from the Quick View. If there is no CV on the Candidate’s profile, you can upload directly from the Experience tab, or manually update the details:

Application Actions

As well as updating the UI and usability, you can now also perform actions on your Candidate’s applications straight from their Quick View.

NOTE: You will see the active applications of your Candidate here; where they are between the Floated to Offered stages, not including placed roles or roles they are rejected from.

For each application you can rate your Candidate out of 5stars based on the desired competencies and skills for that role (read more about that here), progress your Candidate through to the next stage of the application, or reject your Candidate.

💡 Top Tip: All of these actions taken will be fully tracked in the Activities tab so you know exactly who’s doing what, and when.

Automatically Updated Work History

The final change to the Quick View (and full profiles) is a highly requested one. When a placement is made, the Job Title & Company in the Candidate’s tagline will be updated, along with their Work History information. Truly automating to save you time:

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