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The new TV Dashboard mode gives you visibility of your business’ expected revenue, total fees from all generated placements, top ten performers and a glance of your current pipeline.

Forecast Fees - Best Case: Sum of all your individual best case figures from all the open jobs with at least 1 active headcount. 

Booked Fees: Gives you the visibility on all of the fees you have brought in as a business.

Recruiting Funnel: Displays your current pipeline from Shortlisted to Placed stage. 

  •  Shows the percentage of  conversion of the total candidates on the current stage from the previous stage (e.g.: Sent/Shortlisted) 

  •  Comparison on the total number of applications from the current filtered time to the previous period (e.g.: Total shortlisted this month - total shortlisted last month)

Top Performers: Shows your top 10 performers based on the total fees on all placements.

Activities: A quick overview of all the activities/actions that users have taken inside Vincere


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