Send multiple candidate documents via LiveList

Created Date now called Reg Date

Updates to Files Tab

Updates to Candidate quick view

Updates to Job Quick View

Updates to onboarding doc checks

Blacklisting Candidates & Contacts

Bulk open and close jobs

Bulk update record ownership


Candidate LiveList™

Candidate & Contact Blocker

Requesting on-boarding documents 🗂

Compliance tab is now Onboarding! Plus an ESS capability

New file types supported

Send Documents to Contacts - Using Vincere email

Renewal process

Different availability options

Last Activity Enhancements

Deleting Talent Pools

Email Signature

Candidate Table View

Job Table View

Offer accepted / rejected

Send Documents to Contacts - Using SignRequest

Candidate Profile

Candidate Profile - Availability

Candidate Profile - Applications

Candidate Profile - Files

Candidate Profile - Emails

Candidate Profile - Activities

Candidate Profile - Work Aspirations

Candidate Profile - Onboarding

Job - Details

Job Profile - Activities

Candidate Profile - Summary

Job profile - Custom fields

Job Profile - Pipeline

Job Profile - Files

Job Profile - Compensation & Fees

Job Profile - Descriptions & Ratings

Job Profile - Onboarding

Job Profile - Approval Process

Changing Emails in Vincere

Setting Sub-status for more than 2 interview process

Unable to delete Contact

Interview arranged date VS Interview date

How to remove candidates from a shortlist

Changing Job Published Date

Job profile

Click-to-call Default Program setup (Windows)

How find all my contracts with a future start date

How to reopen a Job

Changing Job Types

Adding Job Descriptions

Forecast Fee in Job Profile

Troubleshooting Email Sync Issues

See Contact / Candidate activity with Last Activity Date Columns

Searching by Last Activity Dates for Business Development

Moving Candidates from Offered to Placed

Moving Candidates from 2nd+ Interview to Offer

Moving Candidates from 1st Interview to 2nd+ Interview

Moving Candidates from Sent to 1st Interview

Moving candidate from Shortlisted to Sent

How to send Candidates using the LiveList™

Job Actions

Candidate Actions

Adding images to Job Descriptions

Troubleshooting Outlook 365 email connection to Vincere

Adding images in Email Templates

Actions Updates for Candidates and Jobs

Eight types of custom fields

Improvements to Email

LinkedIn Tab in Candidate Quickview

LiveList™ Updates

Admin Permission Updates

Placement Profit Splits (for renewals)

Onboarding Document Verification

Archived Candidates

Go back to Company from Contact Profile

Adding hyperlinks

New Editors to Candidate Profile Fields

New Onboarding plus new ESS capability (Phase 1 of 2)

Saved Layouts

Groups in Vincere

Setting up Fee Models

Parsing credits

Setting Default Currency

Deal Process Management 💰 (beta)

New Candidate Fields 🌟

Job Headcount

How to Close a Job

Daily Planner ⏳

Task Board ✅

Email Unsubscribe

Executive Brief

Sending an invite for a meeting through tasks

Creating 'Call Lists' 📞

Last Activity Date ⏰

How to reopen a Job

Keep in View (KIV) 👀

Corrections on 1st / 2nd Interview columns in Applications table ⚒

Understanding the pipelines (traffic light system) 🚦

Primary Brand Management

Adding a Job

Click-to-Call ☎️

Undo Placement

ID numbers now showing in placement tagline

New Quick Place Action

Original CV Preview added to Candidate comments

Parsing Candidates straight from an email

Changing the current employer of a Candidate

Hot Lists 🔥

Candidate Document Expiry Management

How do I reject candidates? ❌

Float Candidates

Candidate Quick View | Edit Current Employer Fields

Rating Candidates (against a job)

Moving candidates down the pipeline

Creating Talent Pools (Candidates)

Monthly Salary in ATS

Merge Candidates⚡

Reorder Columns for ATS Tables...& make sticky 🙌🏻

On-boarding your Candidates

Candidate Request Availability

Adding Candidates

How to post a Job

Deleting or Archiving Candidates

Offer Approvals

ATS Filters

How to create a new job with an existing job template?

Auto parsing CVs/ Resumes

How do interviews in Vincere work?

Linking a Contact to a Candidate

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