Configure your invoice settings: invoice IDs, invoice terms, amount/rate format & branding

It’s important to configure your Consolidated invoices before you start using it. The Administrator can do this, just head to Settings > Admin Settings > General Settings > 7. Invoice Settings

Here, you can see the following:

  1. Invoice ID - It is where you select your invoice Prefix* and Start with* numbers for your consolidated invoices.

  1. Default Invoice terms - Default invoice terms is where you set your default terms (days) to be pulled through when a draft invoice is created. As standard this is set to 30 days. 

Now, for the branding just head to Settings > Document Builder then select Consolidated invoice templates

  1. Select Consolidated sales/purchase invoice from the document type drop down 

  2. Choose the correct brand

  3. To add a new template, click the blue plus button. Give your new template a name and hit save.

  1. Now, you have your blank canvas. Just hit 'Original Template' to give you a list of all the available wildcards.

You can configure further invoice details from within the document builder, by going to Sales Invoice builder and clicking “Invoice Settings” in the top right corner.


The information in here will pull through to the relevant wildcards in the document builder.

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