v2.4.0 Jan '20 Release | Engage

Timeout for security, basic and advanced job alert options, support more file formats, saved jobs functionality and more

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1/ Session timeout for security

When a page is sat open for 2 hours without interaction, the session will automatically expire and log the user out. This ensures that no one else has access to the system if potentially left unattended.

2/ Job Alerts - Basic & Advanced Options

New Job alerts tab in Engagement Hub admin console to allow candidates to set basic or advanced job alerts:

  • Basic: Allows candidates to set up job alerts with simple criteria - Job Title/keywords & Location only

Advanced: Allow candidates to get granular with their preferences

3/ Saved Jobs

New functionality for candidates to save job when they are signed into their candidate portal account.Β 

Once the jobs are saved, candidates can see a list of their Saved jobs in the 'my profile' section:

4/ UI updates:

  • refreshed icons along the menu

  • menu is now expanded

  • menu option name visible at all times

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