Here is where you can find an overview of all the important details of the company.

In the top left are key details, including the company name, location, company owner, forecast fees, actual fees, and last activity date.  

In the top right is the contact brief which your consultants can edit, and the contact stage - this is the CRM stage that this contact is at. To move a contact through the CRM, you can just click on the stage they are at. The CRM is a manual pipeline - you can configure what each stage means by following the steps HERE.

Within the details tab you can see:

Work Information: This includes job title, location, job level, department (read all about these HERE), and tagging.

Contact Information: Including phone, email, and social contact details

Personal Information: Important personal details including name, lead source (important for analytics!), and contact owner

Company Contacts: This is a list of all the contacts at this company

Email Permission: For the all important GDPR - whether or not this contact is happy to be contacted

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