1. Summary ✅

2. Onboarding ✅

3. Work Aspirations ✅

4. Activities ✅

5. Emails ✅

6. Files ✅

7. Applications ✅

8. Availability ✅

1/ Summary

Here is where you can find an overview of all the important details of your candidate.

In the top left are key details, including the candidate name, job title, current employer, current address, contact details, time since last activity, whether they have an original CV uploaded, and candidate owner. 

Candidate Brief: Here you can type key details about the candidate, which you have the option to include in the LiveList

The summary tab can be completely customised by your administrators in the Field Configuration part of Settings. To find out how to do this, click HERE. By default it will show:

Work History & Tags
Social & Skills
Education & References

2/ Onboarding

Here you can choose the country that your candidate is located in, and see the relevant onboarding fields for that location. Learn how to configure this HERE 

3/ Work Aspirations

Here you can enter all of the candidate's desired information including location, industry, and functional expertise.

4/ Activities

Want to see what's been happening with this candidate? Take a look here, you will see all meetings, comments, and actions taken on the candidate, and see exactly who in your company did the action and when.

5/ Emails

As long as your email account is connected (see HERE for information on how to do this) any email correspondence you have had with the candidate will show in this tab, including the sent date, time, content of the email, attachments, and which consultant sent the email.

6/ Files

Here you will see any files related to this candidate, including documents that have been uploaded by consultants, formatted resumes, and timesheets (if you are using Pay&Bill).

7/ Applications

This is broken down into Jobs, Offers/Placed, Timesheets, and Pay & Bill.

Jobs: View the jobs the candidate is an active candidate for

Offers/Placed:  Applications where the candidate is at the Offered or Placed status

Timesheets: Any timesheets associated with that candidate

Pay & Bill:  Any invoices relating to that candidate

8/ Availability

This is where you can see the availability calendar of the candidate, which can either be requested from the candidate or completed by the recruiter. You can read all about this HERE 

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