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v12.15 December '19 Release | Core, Engage, Intelligence & Pay & Bill
v12.15 December '19 Release | Core, Engage, Intelligence & Pay & Bill

A bunch of new improvements focused on giving you speed, visibility & enhanced reporting accuracy.

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a. Search 2 databases at once: Indeed search now integrated into Advanced search
b. Option to exclude placements
c. Option to exclude active contractors / temps
d. Ability to toggle auto boolean formatting on/off: allowing you to add/remove formatting for search strings
e. Ability to search Distribution List
f.  Ability to search by Last Activity Date

a. Time since last activity extended to Companies & Jobs
b. Quick View will now show: 

  • Last Activity: Date 

  • Number of days since last activity

c. Last Activity now includes emails
d. Last Activity indicators: 

  • Green: Last activity within 30 days

  • Red: Last activity over 30 days

3/ Improvements to Renewal Management

a. Relabel 'Offer ID' to 'Placement ID' throughout the system
b. New table column: 'Placement ID' added to Applications for easy referencing
c. Renewal Status updated for clarity
d. Only Active Placements / Renewals will now show in the Placed stage
d. Ability to terminate a contract in 'Active' or 'Starting'
e. Termination logs & reason: know who performed the termination, why and when


a. Set your preferred business financial year
b. Ability to select from 3 options: 

  • Last 12 Months

  • Calendar Year

  • Custom Financial Year 


5/ Changes to Pay & Bill

a. Any references to 'Charge' is now re-labelled as 'Bill'.
b. In Pay & Bill template, more control to 'Calculate Bill By': 

  • Margin %

  • Markup %

  • Profit

  • Bill

c. Using TimeTemp? Note changes to time intervals: 

  • We support 'Hourly' & 'Daily' time intervals 

  • For 'Daily' time interval, only Day-based timesheet mode supported

  • 'Weekly' & 'Monthly' time intervals will be made obsolete in this release

d. Ability to calculate Pay including Super (For Australia)


a. Search similar jobs by Industry & Functional Expertise
b. New Setting: Ability to rename job type
c. Customize your Advanced Search bar
d. Improvements to Job Alert Subscriptions
e. Ability to hide fields in the Basic Info & Other Information section
f. Improved usability when adding a new Work Experience
g. Engagement Hub is now secure (HTTPS supported for custom domains)

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