Actual Fees

An overview of actual fees, including sales, purchase invoices and credit invoices over time

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From the menu, go to Intelligence and select the Actual Fees dashboard:

This dashboard has 3 tabs:

Actual Fees:

From here, you can get an overview of your invoices. This dashboard only shows invoices 'approved' or 'approved or sent' statuses.

You can filter the views to see your fees/profit OR Sales invoice OR purchase invoice only,

Across the top of the page you will see a number of key data fields & comparisons overtime period: 

  • This month 

  • Last month

  • Previous month 

  • 3 months ago

  • 1 year ago

Sales Invoice Overtime:
Here you can see the value of invoices per month, split by the type of invoice (temp, contract, perm). You can toggle to see weekly or monthly views.

Sales Invoices Cumulative:
This chart demonstrates the monthly cumulative invoice totals again split by job type.

Credit Invoices:
This graph shows the monthly invoice figures for any credits which have been applied.

At the bottom of the Actual Fees page is a table outlining the invoice information across the perm/temp/contract desks including credit information on a monthly basis.

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