Time since last activity has been extended to Companies & Jobs. It will now show the following in Quick View for all:

  • Last Activity: Date 

  • Time since last activity in number of days

We’ve increased functionality by adding in the hover over in Quick view so now you can see ‘Last Activity’ and details:

You can now also search by the last activity date. To do this, just start typing "last activity date" in the search bar, choose the field from the dropdown, and select the date you would like to search before/after.

Last activity now includes EMAIL

Only emails sent using the Actions in Vincere, will be recorded as a last activity. Last activity will not include emails send directly from Outlook or Gmail. 

Last Activity within 30 days will be displayed in GREEN, over 30 days will be RED


Last Activity Date of Company - The last activity date of latest updated Contact.
Last Activity Date of Job - When a candidate moves to a new stage that is related to that Job
Last Activity Date of Contact - The last time you perform an action or send an email from Vincere to a contact OR the last time a user floats a Candidate live list to Distribution/Contact by using the action ‘Float to Contact’, ‘Float to Distribution list’.
Last Activity Date of Candidate - The last time you perform an action by sending an email from Vincere to a candidate

Please note:
If you send an email to a contact or a candidate from another source of actions in Vincere,  it will not be counted


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