There are two ways you can move the candidates to the Sent stage:

  1. Moving the candidate(s) to the Sent stage by sending your client LiveList (i.e move candidate AND send email to client)
  2. Moving the candidate to the Sent stage (i.e ONLY moves the candidate to Sent stage without actually sending any email to the client)

So basically, ask yourself this: Do I need to send a LiveList?

Moving candidate(s) from Shortlisted to Sent Using LiveList

Select the candidate using the checkbox. You'll see the Actions list appear automatically on the right.

Click on 'Send'. By taking this action, you are sending candidates to your client via the LiveList.

The great thing about LiveList is that you can select candidates in bulk over to your clients. All your best candidates in one place for your clients.

Check out our article on LiveList here to learn more.

Moving candidate from Shortlisted to Sent 

Select the candidate and click Send - no email will be sent to the client.

Note: This action can only be done one candidate at a time. At the moment, you will not be able to move multiple candidates at once to Sent. 

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