What this zap does:

By using this zap, when adding a new candidate in Vincere, this candidate will be unsubscribed from all emails coming from Vincere

This is perfect if you want to unsubscribe new candidates added in Vincere for privacy or GDPR compliance.

How it works:

  1. New candidate added on Vincere 

  2. Zapier unsubscribes the candidate in Vincere

What you need:

  1. Vincere account

1/ Set up the trigger

Trigger to use: New Candidate created in Vincere

2/ Select your Vincere Account:

3/ Set up the Action

Action to use: Unsubscribe Email

4/ Select your Vincere Account 

5/ Now add the candidate’s email address you want to unsubscribe in Vincere

6/ Test & Continue

Finally, turn the zap on! Your zap is ready for action.


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