What is Reply.io?

Reply.io is a multichannel sales engagement platform which automates personal email outreach, calls, and tasks, while Sales can focus on what really matters.

You can learn more about Reply.io here

What this zap does:

By using this zap, when a new email replied is received in Reply.io, a new Contact is created in Vincere.

This is perfect if you want to create new contacts in Vincere when a new email is replied in Reply.io

How it works:

  1. New Email Replied 

  2. Create a Contact in Vincere

What you need:

  1. Reply.io account

  2. Vincere account

1/ Set up the trigger

Trigger to use: New Email Replied 

2/ Select your Reply.io Account:

3/ Set up the Action

Action to use: Create a New Contact in Vincere

4/ Select your Vincere Account 

5/ Now map the data that you want to pull from Reply.io and push back into Vincere

6/ Test & Continue

Finally, turn the zap on! Your zap is ready for action. 


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