Pre-requisite: CSV Comma Delimited file.

 Vincere can support ad-hoc data import from CSV file. So if you have Excel file of your Candidates records, you can convert them to CSV Delimited file by selecting Save As > Save as Type > CSV (Comma Delimited) in your Excel program.

Step 1: From within the Data Import tool Click "From CSV"

 Step 2: Select the type of data that you are going to import and click Upload.

Click Upload a file and select the file you wish to import.

 Click 'Next'. 

Step 3: Mapping

The above screen is where you map the columns in your spreadsheet to the different fields in Vincere. Simply drag and drop the fields on the right, to the corresponding spreadsheet columns on the left. Mandatory fields are highlighted in orange.

You can use the search function to quickly find the field you’re looking for.


Once completed, hit Next


You'll notice that you have different categories of different types of data (Company, Contacts, Jobs, Candidates.). These all have their own individual fields you can map content from your spreadsheet onto.

Please note that you're only able to map one category at a time. This means that if your spreadsheet contains fields for multiple categories, you can't map them all at once.

So if you're mapping Candidate fields now, you have to finish the import first and then come back to the data import tool again and use the same spreadsheet again to map Company fields.

Step 4: Preview and finish

Vincere has an anti-duplication algorithm that will find matching records.

 Duplicate records will be skipped during import and available as a file for you to download.

  1. Candidate Duplicates: Based on primary email field
  2. Company Duplicates: Company name or external ID
  3. Contact Duplicates: Primary email or external ID
  4. Job Duplicates: (Jobs name + start date + contact ID) OR external ID

 This is also where you can review the mapping you’ve done. This page shows you how your data will appear after the import.

Once you’ve previewed your import, select Start import.

 Once you’re import has completed, you will see the status FINISHED

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