¬†‚õĒÔłŹIMPORTANT: You need to be an Admin to perform data import.¬†

Before you prepare your spreadsheets for import, it’s best you understand how data is organised in Vincere. Follow the recommended order of importing the various record types into Vincere, starting with Companies > Contacts > Jobs > Candidates > Applications. 

 In Vincere, data is divided into several categories and each category will have its own individual fields related to it:


Companies represent organisations. These can be organisations you’ve worked with or have yet to work with.

 DATA IMPORT PRE-REQUISITE: NONE. We recommend that the first spreadsheet that you import into Vincere is your Companies. 


Contacts are your clients. People that give you jobs to fill: e.g Hiring managers, HR managers. Every Contact is working at a Company, so when you add a Contact it has to be related to a Company.  This is why you should import your Contacts after your Companies spreadsheet. 

 DATA IMPORT PRE-REQUISITE: You must import Companies data first, before you can import Contacts.

*NOTE - Contacts uploaded will not have any address linked, you will need to manually attach / link the Work address (pulled from the company location address*


Candidates are people that you place into jobs. They are tracked in the Candidate pipeline (Applicant Tracking System - ATS) through the recruitment stages from Shortlist to Placements.

 DATA IMPORT PRE-REQUISITE: NONE. You can import your Candidate records as a standalone import. 


Contacts give us jobs. We then place Candidates into these Jobs. Each Job has to be related to a Contact and, therefore, a Company upon creation. A Company and a Contact can have multiple jobs associated to them. If you have Jobs data, you can import this but you first need to import the Companies and Contacts that relate to each jobs.


  1. Company data must already be imported 

  2. Contact data must already be imported


Application represents Job Application which what links the Candidate to a Job. One candidate can have multiple job applications. One job can receive multiple job applications from multiple candidates. When Candidate is shortlisted to a job, that means the connection between Candidate and a Job is the Job Application sent for that particular job.


  1. Jobs data must already be imported

  2. Candidates data must already be imported


 For import, we recommend that you use a spreadsheet without any formulas.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only import 1 category of data set at the time. So you can only import Company list, Contact list, Candidate list or Job list once at a time. You cannot import all category of data set all at the same time. Applications can only be until the OFFERED stage. Placements should be done manually from the Vincere app itself.

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