As you type, Vincere automatically adds the operators between words or strings for you. Everyone in Vincere is now a search expert, no boolean training required.

If you need to tweak to expand or narrow your search, dead easy. Click on the dropdown to update the operators.

Vincere now automatically adds quotation marks (“ “)  flanking either side of your search phrase. So when typing Project Manager, this will automatically become “Project Manager”.


  • Quotation marks in a search query return exact searches and help increase precision levels. 

  • In order to help you get accurate results for the phrase and concept as a whole, Vincere automatically appends these quotation marks as you're typing. 

🔥 TOP TIP:  Don't want the automatic quotation marks or automatic brackets to show? You can turn off formatting by clicking this icon, and click it again to make the formatting reappear. 

It seems like a minor upgrade but it’s shaving seconds off every search, for each and every user...which, as we all know in the recruitment game, eventually adds up into serious efficiency gains. 

Happy Searching! 🚀

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