1️⃣ Where do I go to see the applications from SEEK?

To view applications from SEEK:

  1. Job profile > Shortlist chevron:

2. Applications > Shortlisted chevron:

Candidates will be tagged with Seek as the lead source 

2️⃣ How do I view the cover letter?

You can view the candidates cover letter by going to the files tab of the candidate:

3️⃣ How do I view the resume?

You can view the candidate's resume by going to:

a. The files tab of the Candidate

b. CV tab on Candidate quick view 

c. Original CV button on Candidate quick view 

d. Original CV button on Candidate long view

4️⃣ How do I view the SEEK Screen questions?

You can view the SEEK screening questions by going to the files tab of Candidate - they will be saved as a .pdf file. 

5️⃣ How do I view the primary job-seeking information? 

This information is pulled through from what is available on the candidate Seek site and entered into the relevant fields in the candidate profile. 

6️⃣ SEEK Candidate Source Tracking & Analytics

Applications from Seek are automatically tracked inside Vincere via Candidate Sources. These can be configured inside Vincere by Super User and can be reported on inside Vincere analytics.

From the menu > Analytics > Lead & Candidate Sources:


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