When you've connected SEEK to Vincere, you're ready to start posting. Here's how:

❓ How to post a Job Ad?

1️⃣ Select the checkbox next to the job and click on Post.

2️⃣ Switch the job from Private to Public, & select Post.

3️⃣ Submit your job ad details 

3.1 Secondary Email:
Add in your secondary email to receive an email notification of applications. This is free text but will be validated both by Vincere and Seek

3.2 Logo:
when you have selected a Standout Advert your logos from your Seek Employer account will appear here for you to choose from 

3.3 Screen ID:
Add in your Screen ID from your Seek Employer account here to enable your screening questions. The responses to these questions will be available in PDF under Candidate Files in Vincere

How do I create a Screen ID?
To include a questionnaire in your Seek job post, you’ll need to create a screening questionnaire in the 'Tools' section of your Seek account. You’ll then receive a Screen ID. Copy the Screen ID and then access the job posting in Vincere. Paste the Screen ID into the Screen ID field. 

3.4. Video Position:
Select the position of your Video embedded link

3.5 Additional Properties:
Choose to display Resident only wording or Graduate in your advert

3.6 Selling Point:
Update with your Standout Advert Selling points

3.7 Job Summary:
Enter the job Summary, this will allow up to 150 characters and is free text

3.8 Select from the templates you created in Vincere marketplace

3.9 The example here is where we have bullet points created. Once the template is selected the options will appear below.

Editing the Job Description:

Job Description will pull through from the Description & Ratings tab in the Job on the Job profile.

You can edit the content of the job description here to be posted to SEEK. No edits will be made to the original Job Description inside Vincere.

You can also add the following information to appear in your advert

Go ahead and select your Region, Location and Area where applicable. 

You can post the same job in up to 5 different locations in one post. 

Select the Plus to add multiple locations. 

🛑 Adding multiple locations will incur additional charges from the job board as these will appear as individual adverts. 

4️⃣ To post your job, hit save!

First locate the job inside Vincere via the job page and navigate to the Seek tab. From here you can view all of the job postings for this job e.g. different locations.

Then select Edit to edit the job. 

Now that your job is posted, what's next? Learn how candidate apply for job and the SEEK tab.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

1️⃣ How do I expire a Job Ad?

First locate the job inside Vincere via the job page,  and navigate to the Seek tab. From here you can view all of the job postings for this job e.g. different locations.

Then select Unpost to unpost the job. The status will change to Expired.

2️⃣ How do I view the live link to the SEEK Job Ad within Vincere? 

Navigate to the job inside Vincere > Seek tab > view all of the job postings to Seek for this job e.g. same job different locations, Sydney, Melbourne etc. 

Select the job you’d like to view and click View.

    3️⃣ Can I make Standouts the default selection for Advertisement type on an Account level?

By default advertisement type will be Classic - this can be changed to Standout on a per job basis - not on an account level. 

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