1️⃣ To set up the integration, start by contacting the API Support team at Seek:

Send an email to apisupport@seek.com.au with: 

1/ your Seek account number

2/ a request to authorise Vincere to post jobs and fetch candidates from your Seek account. 

Upon confirmation, Seek will respond and provide your Advertiser ID and any Template Item information required for your formatting.

*Please note that Seek has a 24-hour turnaround time once authorisation has been received from you.

2️⃣ Now connect your Seek Account to Vincere:

1/ Go to Settings > Marketplace. 

Look for the ‘Seek’ tile. Copy the Advertiser ID from the email you received from SEEK and add it in the Setup tab.

Enable Seek:

Select the Advertisement type.

2/ Head to Template Settings and add in the Template Item descriptions provided by Seek Support for your template formatting.

The Template item name should match the details provided by SEEK Support.

The Template item value is free text and can be used to provide guidance for your team so they know what they should enter in the fields. 

Click Save template to complete the integration 

❓ How do I add a template Id? 

To set up an application form, request a custom ad template within Seek. Once that’s set up, you’ll be able to adapt any job you post from Vincere to your custom Seek template, using the Template ID/Name that corresponds to your custom layout.

Now you're ready to start posting! 🙌

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