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More triggers, actions and great customization for Zapier

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Zapier v2.1.0 | Oct '19  

This update gives you more triggers, actions & greater customization over the information you send and receive from Vincere.

New Triggers - what is a Trigger?

You can now use Zapier to kick off any workflows in your other apps whenever:

  1.  New Job created in Vincere *new*

  2.  New Placement made on Vincere *new*

  3.  New Candidate created in Vincere *new*

  4. New Candidate added to Talent Pool

  5. New Contact added to Distribution List

New Actions - what is an Action?

You can now use Zapier to automatically take the following actions whenever trigger events happen:

  1.  Create new Contact in Vincere *new*

  2. Unsubscribe Email from Vincere

More Options

Now when setting up templates, you can choose from a greater range of data (up to 100+ candidate, job & placement related data points) to push into your other apps.

You can expect to see more updates to Zapier coming soon. 

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