To see the new dashboard, head over to your analytics and select the Finance | Invoices dashboard:

The new Finance & Invoice Dashboard is split into two parts: 


In the finance dashboard, you are provided with all the key information surrounding your placements, timesheets, starters, finishers and the financials around invoices and aged receivables.

The aim of this dashboard is to display a company wide overview of all key information which ultimately relates back to revenue including the ability to see up and coming finishers in the coming weeks and months. This will empower you to get ahead of the game, ensuring that roles are being filled to continually grow the temp/contract desks. 

At the top right of the screen you will see the button:

Once clicked, this allows you to apply a number of filters to the data available on screen in a number of ways:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Brand
  • Division
  • Team
  • Consultant
  • Job Category
  • Company
  • Job Type
  • Currency

As can be seen, the data can be filtered in a number of ways including team, job type and even currency. 

This again is to allow you to have full visibility of a particular team and its performance or even per consultant in order to again be proactive with efforts ensuring that timesheets are being submitted on time as well as contractor roles are being filled keeping the numbers up! 


Within the Invoices tab, you are provided with all the information which is taken from the Invoices logged within Vincere. 

It is important to remember that the only invoices shown within the dashboard are 'approved' or 'approved or sent'. 

The data which follows can be changed by using one of the three tabs across the top allowing you to choose between seeing the data from a profit, sales invoice or purchase invoice perspective. 

Across the top of the page you will see a number of key data fields to give you the information surrounding invoices and how this month compares to last month etc.

Sales Invoice Overtime

Here you can see the value of invoices per month, split by the type of invoice (temp, contract, perm). This information can be viewed as weekly or monthly. 

Sales Invoices Cumulative

This chart demonstrates the monthly cumulative invoice totals again split by type of role. 

Credit Invoices

This graph shows the monthly invoice figures for any credits which have been applied, again color coded against type of role which was credited.


At the bottom of the Invoice page, we can see the raw figures for the beginning of each month. 

This table outlines the invoice information across the temp/contract/prem desks including credit information. 

Finally the total figure provides an overview of monthly invoice totals with everything considered. 

Report Data:

Once you select the ‘Report Data’ tab, you will see all of the raw data behind the statics previously shown. 

Here you can see highlighted stats across the top of the page with the invoice information outlined below. 

Line by line we can see all types of information including invoice ID, invoice type, job type etc. 

Again this information can be filtered in many ways by using the 'filters' button at the top right. 

COMING SEPT '19: We will be adding “Consultant Profit splits” as another Tab to the dashboard

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