Job Lead Goals

More goals are now available in the Goal Console allowing you to set job leads, conversion targets and deals (new/won/revenue) out-of-the-box:

  1. Job leads | New
  2. Job leads converted (Converted to Jobs)
  3. Deals - New
  4. Deals - Won
  5. Deals - Revenue

How to add: 

Head to ‘Settings’ then ‘Goal Console’:

Once opened, scroll down to lines 47-51:

Here you toggle the goals ‘ON’ and can then start applying these goals to your consultants etc. 

To do this, select the ‘Set Target’ tab at the top right of the window:

Once opened, scroll to the required Goal and select ‘edit’ to apply this goal to a user:

Here you can now select the user you wish to apply the target against and then apply the relevant target figures:

NOTE: Once you add a figure into the weekly target, Vincere will automatically fill in the monthly, quarterly and yearly targets for you. 

That’s it, you’re done! 

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