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Job Stats dashboard in Intelligence 📈

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The Job Stats dashboard is used to track the total number jobs inside the system as well as the status of those jobs. Whether the status be ‘total jobs’, ‘closed jobs’, ‘inactive jobs’ or ‘active jobs’. 

It’s really easy to access this dashboard. 

Head over to Intelligence:

Once you are in Intelligence, head into ‘Job Stats’.

The Job Stats dashboard is made of 2 main tabs, these include “Jobs by Consultant’ and ‘Activities by Job’. Jobs by consultant is then split down into 3 dashboards, these include ‘Job Status by Consultant’, ‘Stages by Consultant’ and ‘Average Fees per Consultant’. Then Activities is then split down by ‘Job Ageing’ and ‘Stages by Job’. 

The job status by consultant displays the total number of jobs, closed jobs, inactive and active jobs both company wide as well as split down by each individual consultant. 

The Stages by Consultant dashboard then displays a break down of each stage in Vincere and how many candidates/applications have been processed within each stage. This includes all application stages from shortlisted to placed on both a company level as well as broken down by each unique consultant. 

The Average Fees per Consultant dashboard then breaks down the amount of temp and perm placements made by each individual consultant, the sum of these placements and the average fees for temp and perm for each consultant. These figures are then summed together to equal the average fee for temp and perm on a company wide basis. 

We then move to Activities by Job and the Job Ageing. This dashboard is used to monitor how regularly consultants are updating jobs inside the system. Inside this dashboard you are able to view the average ageing before any update as well as the average days since updated. This information is displayed as an average for the company as well as individually for each job. 

Finally, the stages by job dashboard highlights the number of jobs in each of the applications stages on a company wide basis. The dashboard then displays the ageing and the number of candidates/applications that were in each stage on a job by job basis. 

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