We changed the "Compliance" tab to be the new "Onboarding" tab. Customers can now add custom fields to the Compliance tab and completely customise what their candidates see. They can add questions, bank account data, Tax file / national insurance numbers or private company info etc and request documentation BEFORE putting the candidate forward for a Job.

This allows our customers to check on accreditation, references etc before submitting to their clients. Additionally, they can create  a different set of fields    f o r      m u l t i p l e      c o u n t r i e s.   Y e s, you read this right, our customers can service multiple countries across our platform.

The candidates will only see the country data that is set against their profile and on top of this all of the fields are searchable inside our system. 

    a. Users can create custom fields in the Field Configuration

b. Publish to the Candidate portal

c. Support multiple countries with multiple custom fields

d. If fields are added to new Onboarding portal, users can search across these fields by country

Onboarding can start at Candidate Submission, not just Offer / Placement

Ready to get started? Here is a guide on how our ESS/Onboarding capabilities work.

Landed June '19 🚀

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