It is important to understand how the behaviour between Vincere and your email provider works. Vincere only pulls in emails from your office 365 or G-suite account in order for you to track activity between yourself, client and candidate.

Emails can be built and configured within Vincere, however the emails are sent via your email provider.

Vincere logs all inbound and outbound email activity against the Candidate and Client as long as the email addresses of the sender or recipients match to a record within Vincere.

We do the sync, we don’t do the send 😄


First, let's make sure you are connected. You can do that here:

Is it marked as Spam? If you have been sending out mailshots you may have been marked as spam by someone and this is why you’re having email issues. Best Practice for sending out large scale mailshots is to send them from an email account that is not your main business account, through MailChimp or some other mailshot platform.

You can use this link to verify why you’ve been marked as spam:

If you’re not marked as spam, then the issue could be the recipient's email inbox or your 365 / Gmail setup. You may need to reach out to them separately.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Vincere only supports Office 365 emails hosted on the Microsoft Servers and Gmail. For more information please head here:

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