Analytics Update | Q2 '19

Get more accurate dashboard numbers with improved logic | 3x brand new dashboards | Refresh button for near real-time data

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  1. The Forecaster 

  • Update Best Case calculations: Best case = Unit Forecast Fee for 1 Headcount * Active Headcount

  • Add column '% chance of placements' when you filter by '% chance of placement'

2. Job Stats 

  • Move 'Overtime' tab under 'Activities by Job' from Job Stats dashboard to Fees dashboard (before Ratio Splits tab).

  • New tab: Stage by Job

  • New filter: Created Date

3. User Engagement 

Update logic for the following activities:

  • 1st Interview Scheduled = date interview was arranged

  • 1st Interview Completed = interview date

  • 2nd Interview Scheduled = date 2nd interview was arranged

  • 2nd Interview Completed = 2nd interview date

4. Goals 

  • Change Goals #31 to #50 from Candidate entity to Applications entity

  • Remove Goals #41, #43, #44 & #46 (currently not in use)

  • Update logic: 

Current logic is based on 'Actioned By': this means that users who take the action get the credit. 

We will add a new, additional Logic for Goals #31 to #46: we will add the ability to filter by either ' Job Owner' or 'Actioned By' on these Goals.

5. Fees 

  • Add Retainer & Refund data into 'Actual v.s. Target' report in Fees tab

  • Move 'Overtime' tab under 'Activities by Job' from Job Stats dashboard to Fees dashboard (before Ratio Splits tab).

  • Rename 'Total Placements' to 'Total P'ments | Splits'

  • Update calculations for 'Total P'ments': Total P'ments = Total Share % = NFI | Fee

  • Rename ' Splits' chart in 'Ratio's & Spilts' tab to 'Placement | All'

6. All Dashboards

  • Ability to filter by  'Job' versus 'Job Lead'

  • Ability to filter by Brand | Division | Team

7. Updates to Fees / Timesheet & Invoice & Placements in Vincere

  • For international placements in Vincere Vincere, users will be able to choose a "home" default currency.

  • We will add a new field in Placements inside Vincere for 'Bank Spot Rate': this allows you to map the true FX value inside your GL with the Analytics taking in account the currency conversion rate (from your bank) for the placement.

  • We will add a new filter in Fees / Timesheet & Invoice dashboards to filter by 'Bank Spot Rate'

8. 🌟NEW DASHBOARD🌟 Timesheet & Invoice 

  • Invoice Dashboards (Sales | Purchase | Credit Note)

  • Billing from Temps/Contractors dashboard into Timesheet & Invoice dashboard and add Permanent

  • This dashboard will feed directly from the invoicing piece inside Vincere. It will include Contract, Temp, Permanent Placements and Retainer Invoices.

  • Post-release, we will work with customers to refine it better (as we do with all dashboards).


  • Deals  Started

  • Won / Lost Deals

  • Activities Completed

  • Revenue Generated

  • Leaderboard

  • Target Achievement

10. 🌟NEW DASHBOARD🌟 Placement Splits

  • This dashboard is designed to give you a view on the Splits/share in the revenue generated per consultant.

  • This dashboard will link to the Fees and Timesheet & Invoice dashboards so you will be able to look at Splits by Bill date, or Invoice date or Payment date.

  • You will be able export this data to calculate commissions/bonuses.

11. Important note for all dashboards (coming June '19) 🚩

  • We are adding a new Refresh button so that you can update all dashboards in near real-time.

  • The new refresh button refreshes ALL dashboards. Depending on the size of your data, this could take up to 1-3 mins to refresh/load.

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