VinnyChat Improvements

  1. Tag Candidate/Job/Company/Contact in a VinnyChat conversation (profile opens in the interface, not in a new tab).

2. Pick up where you left off: Keep users in the same channel where they were previously when they re-open VinnyChat.
3. Groups renamed to Channels
4. Email users when they get an @mentions from VinnyChat
5. Share files in VinnyChat
6. Ability to delete files
7. Create Private or Public Channels
8. Ability to leave Channel

SMS Improvements (Twilio)

1. Allow users to add an SMS template from Message templates:

2. Email users when they get an SMS.

3. View character count when sending messages in Twilio.Β 


We’re looking into allowing multiple phone numbers for SMS (feature coming in July release)

Landing April '19 πŸš€

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