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March ‘19 Release | Intelligence 🌟
March ‘19 Release | Intelligence 🌟

The Forecaster, Fees and Temp & Contractor Dashboard

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These may seem like minor updates to you... but trust us, overtime these changes will have significant impact on the accuracy and reliability of your forecasting, as well as how you slice and dice your data to get better insights for your business in the long run.

Keep on reading to learn the tweaks we’ve made to the analytics suite:

1️⃣ The Forecaster

  1. Best Case: Stat calculations will now only include active candidates (not placed)

  2. Active Pipeline & Job Health-check: Tooltip and tables will now show you ‘Active Headcount’ data for the Job

3. New filters:

✅ Drill down by Stage: Shortlisted, Sent, 1st Interview, 2nd Interview, Offer

✅ View by Most Likely: % of Jobs Place OR % Chance of Placement

This gives you greater control over how the ‘Most Likely’ calculations are done (and what you want to see). When you filter by:

% of Jobs Placed: 

Most likely = Best case  * % of Jobs Placed

 % Chance of Placement:

Most likely = Best case * % of Change of Placement by each job

2️⃣ Fees

  1. Includes Margin data for Permanent Jobs:

✅ See margins in the table
✅ Average Fee Margin 

2. Export to CSV

✅  Updated ‘Placement Date’ format 

✅  Includes ‘Original Fee’ & ‘Currency’ data: This means that you will be able to see the Offer/Placement Details, in the value and currency the placement was made.

✅ Structured file name to include date of export & user name e.g Fees_2019-02-22_EdwardLong

3️⃣ Temp & Contractor 

  1. Export to CSV: Exported spreadsheet now includes data for contracts that are ‘Finished’ and ‘Terminated’

  2. Applications that were deleted will not be included in Deferred Revenue (i.e. Applications that have been undone e.g undo offer

We're always fine-tuning the analytics engine to help you run your business by the  numbers better. Any Qs, you know where to find us 😉

🌈 Happy Forecasting! 🌈

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