A job can be closed at any given time in Vincere regardless of the status of any Candidate(s)

To close a job head to list of Jobs > Select Job > Actions > Close 

🔥PRO TIP: You can close as many jobs as you like all in one click. Simply select all the jobs you want to close > Actions  > Close.

You can also close a job from within the job profile. Select a job > Actions > Close

Before closing a job, we'll ask you with 3 things:

  • The reason why you’re closing the jobs(s)?

  • If you want to reject the active candidates and cancel interviews with candidates and contacts?
  • If you want to send thank you letter to the rejected candidates?

🔥IMPORTANT: Once a candidate is placed in a job, the job will be closed automatically IF the job headcount has been met. You do not need to manually close jobs after each placement. 


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