Setting your default views inside Vincere is easy.

Head over to User Settings located at the top right corner of the system and choose what you want to see first.

You can set up default views for your:
         - Candidate profile,
        - Candidate quick view,
        - Welcome page,
        - ATS final chevron.

  1. Candidate Profile: When you open a candidate’s profile, you can see one of these tabs as the first page showing on the profile.


  1. Candidate Quick View: When you click on quick view, this will be the first page that you will see.


  1. Welcome Page: Whenever you open Vincere, this will be the view that you will see. You can choose to see your planner, training activities or your stats.


  1. ATS final chevron: This is the view that you will see when you go to the ATS, you can either see the list of Renewals or the documents on the File library.


Note:  If you have access to Vincere's Invoice System you will also be able to choose between Timesheets and Invoices.

Don’t forget to hit Save and you’re good to go!

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