Job Alerts for Candidates

No suitable jobs right now? No worries, Job Alerts are here.

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How can candidates sign up to Job Alerts?

Candidates will be able to subscribe to job alerts simply by doing a search. 

When applicants are searching for a job in the Job Portal and choose the search criteria and run the search they can see the option to sign up for similar jobs at the bottom of the page like so:

All they need to do is simply enter their email address and hit ‘Submit’.

Once done, candidates will receive job alert emails for (public job(s) that matches their search requirements:

Can candidates manage Job Alerts?

After subscribing for Job Alerts, Candidates will be able to edit or manage all their job alert subscriptions on the Candidate Portal. 

Once they log into the Portal, they'll see a Job Alert section:

Candidates can now manage current alerts and set up new alerts directly on the Job Alerts tab with a new Job Alert pop-up box.


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