Every time you make a perm placement or submit an approved timesheet via TimeTemp Vincere will now automatically create both a sales and purchase invoice in the invoicing section of Vincere. The invoices produced within Vincere are fully configurable, easily exportable and simple to get setup. At times you may need to credit/refund your client - Vincere's Credit Invoice tool is great to manage this. 

Follow the steps below to seamlessly create a formatted and fully branded Credit Invoice. 

Creating a Credit Invoice Template:

Head to settings and hit Document Builder. 

Next you can go ahead and start building your formatted credit invoice template. To do this you need to use the wildcards (e.g. #CandidateInformation.FirstName#)

You might be wondering what are Wildcards?

Wildcards are personalisation tokens / merge tags you can use and add into your document builder when creating a formatted credit invoice template. 

When you indicate that you would like to use the first name wildcard, for example, Vincere will look into the record in system, find the first name field, pull the value from and populate it in your formatted credit invoice where you designate automatically.

All you need to do is copy and paste the wildcard into the credit invoice template where you’d like the field to appear in the formatted credit invoice. 

Here's a link to our Wildcard Library.

So let's get started in creating your first template:

  1. Select credit invoice from the document type dropdown 
  2. Make sure to choose your correct brand e.g. Ace Recruitment
  3. Click the green plus give your new template a name and hit save
  4. Awesome! You've now got your blank canvas -simply hit 'Original Template' that will give you a list of all the wildcards available. 
  5. You can create as many different templates as you like, all with different brands, formats and wildcards. 

Now you've got your shiny new template and all the wildcards you'll ever need.. get designing! You can add things like logos, branding, formatting and of course your handy little Wildcards. If you're using brands you can also choose which brand this template will be associated to e.g. Ace Recruitment. 

Hit preview at any time to preview your new masterpiece! 

Our new formatted Credit Invoice tool makes automation even easier - and will save your team valuable time so they can start making more placements 🤟

Invoicing #TheVincereWay 🤑

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