1. First log into your website hosting account and go to the DNS Settings.
  2.  You will need to add a CNAME record in the DNS Settings. Check with your website provider if you have difficulty with this. 

Here is an example of the DNS settings with GoDaddy:

  • ‘Type’ = CNAME
  • ‘Name or Host’ = Enter what you want your website visitors to see when they land on the job board. Eg: jobs, careers, opportunities, etc.
  • ‘Value’ = Be sure to use the CNAME you find in the Engagement Hub settings of your Vincere account. 

3. Then go to your Engagement Hub settings > Site settings > Scroll down to Custom Domain section. Enter the domain you want your website visitors to see.

4. Make sure it matches what you entered in your website hosting account. 

For example, you’ve set up ‘Name or Host’ = ‘jobs’ in the DNS settings, you will then enter jobs.yourdomain.com (Eg: jobs.acerecruitment.com)

Now, copy the URL that you see in the Custom Domain box and add it as a hyperlink in your website’s backend. 

Note: It can take 24 hours for your custom domain to be activated. It’s best to wait until your CNAME record is resolving before adding it to your website’s back-end. When it does your clients and candidates will see your custom domain when they click on the Jobs/Opportunities tab on your website.

You will still be seeing yourVinceredomain.vincere.io/careers (Eg: acerecruitment.vincere.io/careers) when editing the Engagement Hub. Your custom domain is visible when candidates and clients visit your job board, candidate/client portal from your website. 

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or HTTPS secure custom domain:
Once your custom domain is set and ready, it will be automatically be made secure (HTTPS)


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