You can configure Vincere to match your company's structure. Brands, divisions and teams - we’ve got all your business units covered.

Setting up groups inside Vincere allows growing recruiting businesses like you to segment your company data, including candidates, contacts, jobs and companies into Brands, Divisions or Teams. 

Most companies use the groups for segmentation of their Analytics Suite. This allows companies to filter their dashboards by Brand, Division or Team. The feature allows larger recruiting companies to manage all of their teams in one system, and all of their reports are centralised in ONE place. The dream for most is reality for Vincere users 🙌

Inside the ATS/CRM views users can filter by team and division e.g. their teams/division's jobs; if they're a team manager they can filter the table views by their teams jobs, teams candidates etc. This is a mini real time report, which is unique to Vincere.

Document Builder,  email templates and invoices -  we also allow users to add Brands to their email templates, documents, so each users emails will be branded to their brand and their documents can be set up specifically for each brand, including logos etc. Also all invoices can be set up by Brand and sent out, managed per Brand - awesome, right! 

So where do you set up your groups? 

Simply head over to Settings > Groups, Tags & Locations > Groups > Setup your brands. 

For info on how to setup teams, check out this article here:

DREAMwork made easy 

#TheVincereWay 🤝

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