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GDPR 101 | Quick Overview
GDPR 101 | Quick Overview

All things GDPR

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GDPR 101 Quick Overview:

Check out this video below demonstrating how Vincere can help you become GDPR compliant in just a few clicks:

GDPR in depth:

Compliance isn’t just a one-time data fix, it’s an ongoing project. GDPR matters to you as long as you are working with citizens from the EU, and the secret sauce to compliance lies in our upgraded Candidate Portal.

There are several elements to our approach to this new regulation: ranging from how your data is processed through to the management of opt-ins from Candidates. Tracking and reporting on consent is going to be important so we've upgraded our Candidate Portal and are also introducing a new GDPR dashboard as part of your compliance toolkit. 

Here’s a high-level overview of the key functionalities and automation you can expect:

  1. New privacy section in each candidate’s profile 

2. New multi-select field to track Consent Status: Unknown | Pending | Consent given | Withdrawn | To be forgotten

3. Audit-ready activity logs: see timestamp of every interaction 

4. Send bulk outreach emails to seek Consent

5. Candidates can request to be forgotten

Candidates can request for their data to be deleted from within their account. Upon request, you will be sent a notification via email to perform the necessary steps inside Vincere.

6. Candidate can Withdraw Consent

Consent needs to be granular meaning it needs to cover the various jobs you will be representing the candidate for and use candidate's data. From the jobs applications page on the Candidate portal, candidates can easily withdraw consent per job.

GDPR Dashboards

We’ve introduced a brand new dashboard to help you track compliance over time: 

  1. Consent to Keep

  2. Consent to Send / Represent

✔ Get an at-a-glance view of the candidates that have given you consent by month

✔ Track compliance levels over time

✔ Ability to filter by consultants & locations

✔ Drill into data to identify deleted records- what has been deleted who did it and when?

✔ Align to KPIs – give your consultants compliance goals and track performance

Any more questions? Check out out infinity FAQs and head to the GDPR section here

⛔️Note: These resources are intended to be used for informational purposes only. We do not provide legal advice. Consult a legal professional if you are unsure of any area of the GDPR policy.

Compliance made easy ✅  #TheVincereWay

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