There are 3 reports inside the Goal Dashboard.

Goals (KPI's) measure the number of actions users take against the number of actions that you want them to take 

What is the purpose of the Goal Dashboard? 

  • To track users’ level of activity inside Vincere
  • To track users’ level of activity against the revenue they generate (benchmarking)

Fundamentally the Goal Dashboard is a crude forecasting tool - should only be measuring actions against Goals if you think that higher numbers of e.g. phone calls will lead to higher revenue. 

Purpose is to ensure that members of your team are doing enough of the activities that you think correlate with more placements/higher revenue 

Once you're measuring the right Goals and have calibrated your targets correctly, the Goals Dashboard will be an invaluable performance management tool - but note that it may take some time to find the right Goals and to set the right targets (2-3 months). 

Structure of the dashboard:

Goal Dashboard: raw data overview of each consultant's performance for each target you've set:

Goal Benchmarks: measures Goal achievement against revenue achievement (this is Goal #48: you need to have a revenue target for this view to work.

🔥PRO TIP: You can set these Goals up in the Goal Console. Check out how here

Consultants are represented by a circle and the location of circle in relation to grid lines tells you how that consultant is performing based on Goal/Revenue targets set. 

Report Data:

'By Entity' measures the number of unique records that have had a Goal Activity recorded against them; 

'Drill-Down Log' provides a list of all Activities that have been taken inside the system 

More activity = more placements = increased GROWTH #WinningIsEverything 💲

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