The key to success in recruitment is knowing how your Consultants are interacting with their Contacts and Candidates. 

And not just knowing how many emails they send and how many calls they make: Vincere allows you to see where the Candidates are coming from, how long it takes for particular Consultants to place Jobs at a particular Company, how much much revenue you can expect to generate based on the Candidates currently in your pipeline, and more - all with just a few clicks. 

Intelligence is designed to assist management with the following:

  • Enhance usability: identify who needs help with using the system

  • Drive user adoption: ensure ROI 

  • Establish what is, and ensure continuity in, best practices

  • Enhance visibility in forecasting and opportunity spotting

  • Drive revenue and business growth

Check out the articles in this section for more info 🤘 #TheVincereWay

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