Setting up teams inside Vincere is a great way to get more value from your Analytics and to give your managers visibility into how their team members are performing. 

Inside the Analytics, you can filter your dashboards by team, find out which of your teams are outperforming the pack and help the rest of the Company hit the same standards. Creating teams also allows team managers to view their team members’ KPIs and fee forecasts without having to go into the Analytics, and to view their team members’ calendar. 

Finally, you can configure user accounts so that team managers can set their team members’ KPIs. In short, teams are a great way to decentralise performance tracking and to make sure that the most appropriate people are monitoring your consultants’ performance.

1. To set up teams inside Vincere, go to the Settings button and then the Groups, Tags & Locations menu. Inside the ‘Groups’ menu you can create, edit and delete teams.

2. To add a new team, press the Create button. Then add a team name, description and select the team members from the dropdown menu. Hit save to create the team.

3. Once you’ve created the team you can select one or more of the team members to be the team manager,

4. Editing a team is super-simple: simply click on the team name from the list, and then edit the name, description, members and managers of a team in exactly the same way as when you create a team.

Finally, to delete a team, simply select the team and click on the Delete button on the top right corner.

Teamwork is DREAMwork #TheVincereWay 🤝

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