Layout Updates

We've made new improvements to the Comp & Fees layout for Permanent & Contract jobs. Here's a quick look at the old versus new:

Out with the Old...

In with the New

Quick Fee Estimator 💰

If you're dealing with contracts in AUD, you'll also notice that we have upgraded the Quick Fee Estimator:

Create multiple On-costs templates across States & Payment Types (PAYG/Ltd Co. or Corporation) and load them accurately in one-click.

📣 In July's Release, we'll be rolling out the Quick Fee Estimator across all countries and adding Margin options too.

Support up to 4 Decimal Places 💲

Compensation page & Placements now support up to 4 decimal places. 

Why? Besides helping you streamline the recruitment process, we're making Vincere your go-to system of record where accuracy is down to the last cent, pence or yen.

To enable this, go Settings > Admin Settings > 9. Decimal numbers in Compensation

*Only Administrators have the superpowers to make this change.

Landed June '19  🚀

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