Vincere understands the busy world of recruiting; with this in mind we have designed our training program to help you quickly get up to speed on the features you need to be successful. To maximise your time, our live training courses focus on Vincere best practices and working efficiently to help you and your teams get the most out of your investment.ย 

All courses list in our training catalogue can be delivered in a private training format; meaning, only your companyโ€™s employees will attend, and weโ€™ll schedule each course on the days and times that work best for you.ย 

Pricing for these courses depend on a number of factors, so contact us today for a quote! If you need training for a topic that isnโ€™t listed in our training catalogue, we can also design custom training for your company โ€” please indicate what youโ€™d like to learn about in the 'what are you looking for field' when filling in the Request a Quote form below.

Looking forward to speaking to you soon!ย 

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