We’re adding some exciting enhancements to the way users can collect and manage Candidate Compliance data. 

First we are creating a new Compliance page layout (replacing the Compliance tab in the candidate profile) in the compliance tool section inside settings. 

This section is country specific. Why? Because we recognise that Compliance needs in Australia are very different from what you require in UK or the USA.

Users can create custom fields and drag and drop these fields into  the new compliance section. 

Additionally this new compliance section inside the candidate profile will be permission-able, so users can decide who can and cannot see this tab, and have access to sensitive Candidate information.

Setting up Compliance page ( in Configuration Tool) 

Setting up Compliance page layout on the Candidate Portal (Engagement Hub) - landing 26th April '19.

In addition, the custom fields can now be linked to the to Candidate Portal. Users can create their own tabs inside the candidate portal, and align these fields in the order they want.

Candidates will be able to login update Compliance related information and the data will feed directly into Vincere.

PLEASE NOTE: The ‘GDPR privacy’ & ‘Email Permission’, candidate company name and candidate company number fields will be moved to Candidate Summary.

Landing April '19 🚀

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