Running a Temp or Contract desk isn’t easy as you can get pulled into so many different directions... you have workers who need to track and submit timesheets, managers need to be able to review and approve these timesheets, and most importantly, you want accurate reports for accounting and billing.

BUT FEAR NOT... the great news is that with TimeTemp, you can keep on moving forward with ease. TimeTemp is a Timesheet and expense management app built for Temp or Contract staffing companies.

From a simple, secure web-based portal, your workers can easily submit timesheets - including filing expenses, sick days and leave. Managers can log in to review timesheets or simply approve timesheets via email. It’s as easy as click and go, with nothing to download or install.

The best part?  TimeTemp automatically collates all these to generate timesheets, in a fully-branded and beautifully formatted PDF for your invoices and payslips which saves time, money and effort for you.

Also who said you have to burn a hole in your pocket to get reports like this? Since TimeTemp works out-of-the-box with Vincere, data flows seamlessly into your CRM so you can get Temp/Contract billing and performance reports in a click - no additional setup required. 

TimeTemp makes running a Temp or Contract staffing business so easy, you’ll get extra hours back in your day to do what matters most: finding more jobs and making placements.

There are 3 different users for the TimeTemp: 

Employees: your candidates

Managers: your contacts 

Recruiters/Consultants: your Vincere users 

1. Setting up TimeTemp:Before you can start using TimeTemp, you need to get it activated on the marketplace. It’s super easy to get set up. Let’s start by going to Settings, Marketplace and click on TimeTemp.

You can set up two things here: Company Logo for branding and your Terms and Conditions.

Toggle ‘Yes’ if you’d like your company logo to be displayed in TimeTemp.

Terms for Company: This note will be shown when a manager approves a timesheet.

Terms for Employee: This note will be visible when a candidate submits a timesheet.

When you’ve configured these settings, just toggle TimeTemp ON.

Great - now onto step 2, let’s allow permissions for the users of Vincere who are going to have access to Time Temp as a recruiter.

Go to Settings and click on User Management.

Next, click onto the name of the user to open the their profile. Then, click on the Permissions tab. Make sure the check the box ‘Activate in TimeTemp’. Replicate this for all of the users of the system who will be using Time Temp.

2.  Selecting TimeTemp as your timesheet system:Once you’ve activated TimeTemp, you must be wondering how will your employees (your placed Contractors and Temps), the manager (your client/contact) and you (the recruiter) can start using TimeTemp? Well it couldn’t be simpler -  all you have to do is to make sure that whenever you make a placement, you select ‘TimeTemp’ as your timesheet system.

To do this, go to the Compensation & Fees tab from a Jobs profile. Under Pay & Charge, select TimeTemp as your timesheet. Vincere will sync your configuration for Timesheets, Pay Rules, and Allowances over to your timesheets in TimeTemp. This means that when your employee fills out the timesheet, these configuration and set-ups apply. Remember Time Temp only works with Temp or Contact roles. 

Once you’ve made a placement, Time Temp automatically sends out email invitations to 3 different users; Employees, Managers and your Recruiters/Consultants. 

The candidate you placed will be granted access as an Employee in TimeTemp, and the related Contact to the Job will be granted access as a Manager. They’ll both receive a welcome email that looks something like this.

All they have to do is click on the link to activate their account to start using this feature. The recruiter/consultant will also receive an email. 

To configure the welcome email and other TimeTemp related settings, log into Time Temp and go to Management.  Note: Configuring Time Temp settings can only be actioned by your Vincere Recruiter Admin users (see section 4 of this article for recruiter admin set up). 

3. Accessing Timesheets:

The great feature of Time Temp is that it’s integrated right out of the box with Vincere so everything related to timesheets is stored in one centralised accessible 

There are two ways you can view timesheets. You can view timesheets related to a specific record - a job, a candidate or a contact, or you can simply get a list of all your timesheets. 

To view timesheets related to a specific record, all you have to do is go to the record. Let’s say you want to view all the timesheets of a candidate. Search for the candidate and go into the Candidate’s profile. Click on Applications and access the ‘T-sheets’ tab.

Here you’ll see a list of all timesheets related to the candidate including the timesheet period and status. If you want to view the timesheet, just click on ‘view’ here. To download the timesheet, just click on the download icon here to get the PDF version.

You can easily view timesheets related to a specific job or contact just by going into the record’s profile and look for the ‘T-sheets’ tab. It’s so simple.

If you want need a full list of all your timesheets, simply navigate to the ATS > choose Applications and jump to the Onboarding stage. Click on the dropdown here to switch the table views to ‘timesheets - voila.’ All your timesheets are only 1-click away, perfect! 

If you don’t see timesheet option available to you in the table, contact your administrator to enable the permissions for you. Or, if you’re the administrator, go to Marketplace and look for Vincere invoicing. Click into the tile to select who gets to view Timesheets and who does not.

4.  TimeTemp for Recruiter Admin Users: 

By default, if you’re a Administrator in Vincere, you’ll be automatically assigned as a Recruiter Admin user in TimeTemp. You can change this permission by going to Vincere Settings > User Management > Permissions > and then 5.Time Temp. 

As a Recruiter Admin, you get superpowers to configure the global settings and see everything that goes on inside TimeTemp. 

Let’s start by going into Management. You can do a couple of things here:

  • The Configuration tab is where you can customize Welcome and timesheet reminder emails. 
  • Email Logs allows you to see all emails by type and status.
  • Audit logs allows you to see who did what and when.
  • The Users tab allows you to see all employees, managers and recruiters. This includes the ability to view TimeTemp as a specific user. To do that, simply click the ‘View as user’ link.
  • Widget - this is a handy widget if you want to link TimeTemp on your website. All you have to do is configure the look here and grab the code to link TimeTemp on your website. This makes TimeTemp easily accessible for your employees and managers.

Everything you want to see is easily accessible using the menu. Regardless of which page you’re at inside Time Temp, you can see all Submitted timesheets, Unsubmitted timesheets, Approved and Rejected timesheets, all Employees and all companies all you have to do is click and jump into the category you want to see.

One last thing about capabilities as Recruiter Admin, you can submit timesheets on behalf of employees and approve them using Quick Add. To do this, go to Unsubmitted timesheets, select the timesheet you want to action on and hit ‘Quick Add’. Fill out the timesheet and click on ‘Approve’. There you go, job easily done.

5. TimeTemp for Recruiters: 

All the information you need related to your employees and managers is easily accessible from this dashboard.

The main menu is on the left. From here, you can see Submitted timesheets, Unsubmitted timesheets, Approved and Rejected timesheets, Employees and companies you’re working with. All you have to do is click and jump into the category you want to see.

The last category here is Management. There are 2 tabs here. Email Logs allows you to see all emails by type and status. The Users tab allows you to see all employees, managers and recruiters. 

As you can see, using TimeTemp is really easy but before you go, here’s a pro-tip for you. Unless there’s something very specific you wish to see, you don’t actually have to log into TimeTemp to view timesheets. 

Go to Vincere, and go to Applications. Let’s jump to the Onboarding stage of the pipeline. Click on the dropdown here to switch the table views to ‘timesheets - voila.’ 

If you don’t see timesheet option available to you in the table, contact your administrator to enable the permissions for you. 

6. Submitting timesheets | TimeTemp for Employees

Hi there, welcome to Time Temp. Submitting your timesheets is super easy, here’s how:

See the green add icon here, click into it.

Use the checkbox to select the days you worked, input shifts, indicate your start and end time, and leave or holidays if any. You can even add notes too.

To save time, one super handy feature is using the copy shifts tool. Just select the days you want to copy the shift into and click ‘copy’. 

Add any allowances or expenses if you need to or click on upload here to attach any additional documents.

When you’re ready, simply click on ’Submit’ or you can choose to save as draft and come back later to submit it. 

Clicking on submit sends your timesheet over to your manager who will receive a notification to approve your timesheets. Once your timesheet is approved or rejected, you’ll be notified via email and see it reflected on the dashboard here. 

It’s really that easy! 

7. Approving timesheets | TimeTemp for Managers 

When a timesheet is submitted to you, you’ll get a notification that a new timesheet has been submitted. Just click here and you’ll see a list of timesheets that require your approval.

Click into the timesheet period to review and hit the ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ button here to action. You can even Approve or Reject in bulk using the checkbox here.

The great thing about TimeTemp is that managers will also receive an email notification with details of the timesheet submitted. Managers will be able to approve or reject directly from the email when they are on-the-go, without having to log into TimeTemp.

Once a Timesheet is approved or rejected, the employee will be notified via email and as well as a notification inside TimeTemp.

Awesome, right? #TheVincereWay

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